The Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Book that is used in both the 7th and 8th grade Mixed Ability classes is structured as a workbook with the following sections to be completed by the end of the end of the 8th grade year:

  • Definitions with Parts of Speech (Focus on grammar, denotation, and conotation)

  • Completing the Sentence (Focus on context clues and word choice)

  • Synonyms (Focus on denotation)

  • Antonyms (Focus on denotation)

  • Choosing the Right Word (Focus on word choice)

  • Vocabulary in Context (Focus on context clues)

We have found that going through this book only as prescribed may not support incorperating the vocabulary into everyday conversation and writing, so we began thinking up other activities to do with these words and with this vocabulary book program in general. Here is what we have come up with so far:

  1. Vocabulary Basketball
  2. Review Game (Flyswatter)
  3. Talking Hands Vocabulary
  4. Slap-jack game
  5. Vocabulary Jeopardy
  6. AR vocab sheet
  7. Vocab flashcards
  8. Stump the Chump... er, Teacher