Slap-jack game


Flashcards (students need their own) for unit vocabulary words
Vocabulary book (for "host")


  1. Students work in partners or groups (small) using ONE SET of flashcards.
  2. Have students lay the flashcards out so that all twenty cards can be seen.
  3. Call out a question!
  4. Students have to locate the correct card to answer the answer question and then SLAP! the card (just like the "slap-jack" game you remember). The student who slaps the card first (his/her hand will be on the bottom of the pile) wins that card and keeps it in their pile.
  5. At the end of the game, the student with the most cards in their pile WINS! WOHOO!


If working in groups is "too much," you can have students do this with their own cards on their own desk--just slap the card and keep track of how many they got correct. The competition element is taken away but the students still enjoy the game and get a nice review... while you keep your sanity.... : )