Why Blogs?

Much of our professional development does not happen in Language Arts meetings, but rather from reflecting on our own experiences in the classroom and by reading and exploring what other teachers are doing in their classrooms. The purpose of this page is to show just how effective we can be at our jobs when we are given the right tools (and the time) to do this type of professional development.

Blogs are expression of these tools. They are one of the most reflective and easily accessed forms of PD. They provide a format for writing and reading short excerpts out of a teachers daily practice and reflections upon that practice. They also allow other teachers to comment upon and value one another in an authentic way. Our own Writing Projects and other local professional development groups have noticed the many benefits of blogging; see how blogging can become a part of your professional development too.

Reading Blogs:

Read other people's blogs from this page (one of the great things about blogs is you can pull all of the content to anywhere you want at any time you want):

Read other people's blogs from a well organized list of links:
Click on any link in order to see their own blog site.

Writing Blogs:

My explanation of what blogs are, why they are important, and how to use them, including this presentation: