When I think about vocabulary -- the purposeful, thoughtfully planned, and mapped -- explicit instruction of vocabulary kindergarten to post-secondary, I envision a powerful system where students have mastery of essential words. As students progress from one grade
level to the next, they learn increasing difficult words through thoughtful scaffolding. How might this occur?

Ideally, we would start with the end in mind. What is that? If we believe the purpose of education is to prepare students to be
positive contributors, participants and leaders of society, then they must possess the knowledge and skills to be effective communicators. Obviously, words and vocabulary are essential to communication.

Consider our feeder area schools; Highlands Ranch High School depends on Cresthill Middle depends on five elementaries. We have benefit of communication vehicle of Feeder Articulation Committees where representatives from each grade level in a subject area have the opportunity to meet and discuss components of curriculum, instruction, assessment and intervention among the feeder schools.