This is a fun and effective review game for vocabulary. It uses multiple learning styles because students will be looking at the words, saying them aloud and swatting them. I play this as a warm-up the day they take the test , and have found that it helps the student's test scores and motivation.


Chart paper with all the words for a specific unit written on it
2 flyswatters
Teacher edition of the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Book
A way to keep score and a score keeper

In order to maintain teacher sanity and effectiveness of the game, I tell my students the following before we play:

*During the time I am giving clues, there is no talking. If students choose to talk, their team loses a point (I say "All teams quiet please" before giving clues)
*I must say go after giving a clue before students turn around to swat the words. If students turn around before they hear "Go" , they are disqualified for that round.
*If students cheat by giving their teammates answers, that team loses a point.

To Play:

Divide class into 2 teams (have them sit on seperate sides of the classroom)