Second Quarter AR Goals

Mid-quarter: November 17 (A=10 points)

Final: December 8 (A=20 points)

Yea!! More AR Alternatives:

Besides the Book Review that you learned about first quarter (yellow sheet), you may also choose the following options for extra points:

  1. Write a journal entry, using the voice of the character in your book. Your entry should reflect the character’s personality as well as events from the story.
  2. Respond to your text using various art media (clay, paint, pastels, collage). Use writing to explain the connection between your artwork and the text.
  3. Respond to your text by writing a detailed plot chart including all major events, characters, and conflicts.
  4. Choose two major characters from your text and create a detailed character chart.
  5. IMPORTANT: NEW FOR SECOND QUARTER: RATHER THAN MEETING WITH ME, you should have a discussion with a friend/classmate/parent/sibling about your text. Jot down the main topics that were discussed to turn in to me as proof of your discussion.

Points for the above work will be assigned individually based on effort, length of text, and content.

Is there something else you’d like to do in response to your text? Maybe create a “Book Review Blog/Website”??? Come see me and we’ll make this happen!!! Promise!