We have had many successes (both intended and stumbled upon) in our department throughout this year. This page is a place for celebration and reflection of these successes and also a place to start looking toward the future for things that ongoing.


  1. Focus on assessments to insure support and authenticity.
  2. Implement curriculum map with continual support and accountability for all teachers.
  3. Enhance understanding and usage of AR program school-wide.
  4. Increase technology awareness and usage in the department.
  5. Create an engagement measurement that measures exactly what we want to know.
  6. Seek out and find a more effective (research-based) vocabulary program.
  7. Come together on grading practices.
  8. Collect and analyze data on a regular basis.
  9. Implement "Best Practice" presentations from all teachers.
  10. Make collaboration a central element of the department.
  11. New teachers were successful (and awesome).
  12. Successful implementation of reading strategy curriculum.

The Future:

  1. Create and disseminate a Model-Portfolio for Six-Trait Writing.
  2. Articulate with the high school through Pre-AP Vertical Team to inure that our curriculum maps align.
  3. Making sure all teams/teachers get the assessments that they want (and that we use it).
  4. Quarterly writing assessments align with LA (everything makes sense together... apples to apples).
  5. Second and Third prompt need work.
  6. Another look at reading assessments (specific questions).